When a GOP Pundit Attacked, Trolls Responded. What They Uncovered Will Shock You.

During a recent MSNBC appearance, Republican “media strategist” Rick Wilson smeared Trump supporters as racist sexual deviants. But ensuing trolling revealed that Wilson’s teenage son maintains a sadistic website riddled with n-words — and dedicated to lengthy screeds about brutalizing prostitutes. The Wilsons know about the site. They aren’t apologizing.

Thanks to his attacks on alternative-right fans of GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, Rick Wilson is already infamous across the internet. But Wilson’s vulgar, addled rant directed at Trump’s young supporters — they’re “childless single men” who “masturbate to anime” and cannot possibly “matter in the overall course of humanity” — was only the tip of the iceberg. Earlier today, Twitter users identified a Reddit account and a corresponding website that appear to be administered by Wilson’s nineteen-year-old son, Andrew. Writing ostensibly in the persona of a “ghetto” pimp, Andrew Wilson (a.k.a. “Pimpfeet”) conjures lurid, disturbing fantasies centered on raping, beating, and even urinating on women. And predictably, the white, privileged son of a GOP careerist infuses his violent erotica with plenty of racism.


Below are just a few screencaps of content authored (on information and belief) by Rick Wilson’s son. When contacted for comment, Wilson didn’t respond. His wife,@flmolly, seemed to concede that her son wrote this material — but blithely dismissed activists’ concerns, calling Andrew’s racist, misogynistic oeuvre “a harmless joke.”

We’ll let readers be the judge of that.

“Take a piss on her and make her swallow it all.”

Excerpted from a 7,619-word fantasy about beating and raping a wayward “bitch.”

“Use the black bitches as stepping stones.”

Women are “animals”, and must be “broken” to ensure they don’t resist rape.

A Google search reveals numerous white-supremacist epithets directed at African Americans. TRIGGER WARNING: Wilson’s language appears unredacted.